Website Design

Building a website is more than just your presence on the Internet. It is you, building your brand. I truly believe with technology out there today that anyone can build a website via templated site services. There are so many options out there to complete the task easily. I am here to tell you that there is much more that goes into your website than just the design and some content. A website build is like working on your business plan, it forces you to think about what type of business you are and who are your customers.

I like to think that we do things different at (DC) DC Web Tech. We partner with our clients and get to know their business and customers. Your website is supposed to drive traffic and generate business. Your business might be built on products or services and we need to figure out together how to make it grow.

At DC, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends in both design and technology. Our additional services compliment one another and our focus is our helping our clients succeed.

We work with small to medium size companies that are looking for a fresh look at a competitive price. Our talents lie in the technology behind a web presence. If you already have an design agency we can easily work together to help build a cost effective solution for you.

We love using Open Source solutions from WordPress and Drupal. If you are looking for custom web solutions we develop application using PHP, Java, Python and JavaScript. Our database of choice is Oracle mySQL but that doesn’t mean that we can’t help with a Microsoft SQL project.

I like to let our clients know that we never lock them into a platform. When we build a website it is yours, source code and all. We can host your website but if you prefer another place that is fine too.