Time Clock Integration

Intro to Homebase

Being familiar with many companies over the years, I hear complaints all the time about why there aren’t good time clock systems at an affordable price.

We can integrate it into Square or we can use HomeBase’s API to connect it to a system that you currently use.

HomeBase can be used on any device and the mobile app is simply amazing. HomeBase can be used for free or you can opt for more features and pay for the premium version.

Employee Scheduling

Employee Scheduling looks like an Excel Sheet and it is easy to manage your entire team in one place. Track employee hours and overtime automatically, even across multiple locations, from any device.

Get payroll done faster with automatic error reporting and an easy export.

Keep everyone on the same page. Your team can clock in from any device, even your point of sale. They can clock in using a PIN, and the system can capture a photo to ensure it is the actual person.