Square POS

Point of Sale Systems

Square Point of Sale (POS) has made Retail POS and e-commerce easier. DC WebTech specializes providing services to connect all your iPads and Square’s POS terminals, but we also help you configure your products and services as part of our install.


We will install and configure network, printers, POS terminals, banking details, tax information and integrate your backend accounting system. Square is a simple system to use and most small business that take credit cards only can be up and running in as little as 30 minute for a simple iPad and Square Card Reader.

If your business needs more than just an iPad or two, we can help.  Your business will want to make sure that your readers, printers and terminals are always connected and if they go down you will want to insure that your business can keep running off-line.

As part of Square’s relentless pursuit of being the easiest point of sale system, it has built a robust selection of tools including customer loyalty, email marketing and virtual terminal.

Running a loyalty program and marketing for your business is such a great idea, we have seen businesses increase their daily revenue by 20-30%.  It takes no time to set it up but you have to know how to analyze the data so that you continue to grow the business not lose dollars.