Search Console Services

Google Search Console, previously known as Google Master Tools, is a free and accessible via a google gmail account. It can work hand and hand with Google Analytics, which is explained in another section on this website.

Why use Search Console?

Google Search Console monitors your site’s performance.

Once your website domain is validated Google can crawl your site. It will be important to have a sitemap available to Google’s search engine and you must have a robots.txt file. It is easy to test a link by asking Google to Fetch a link and test that it is accessible to the google search bot. The search bot is what crawls your site analyzing all the links on the site.

Google has a full list of what the Search Console helps to measure and it also shows you the results. It is important to note that while you can easily create your own Search Console account and validate your own domain, the software is mostly used by SEO experts, app developers, web developers. You can create your own account and delegate certain rights to different experts on your team.