.NET/MS SQL Support


DC Web Tech has been asked a lot to work on applications that we have not original developed. For example, we support Microsoft .NET and we love to work in Microsoft SQL (MSSQL). Our clients lean toward Linux and mySQL for most of the applications. We develop in Linux because it is Open-Source and licensing fees are not needed.  Microsoft and its cloud services are very reliable and if needed we can support it.


A lot of the work we have done has been supporting our clients need for reporting, we accomplish this by developing stored procedures and queries within MSSQL.  We can create a connection between your data and Crystal Reports. We have over 12 years experience creating reports in Crystal Reports.

As stated, we don’t develop custom applications in .NET but we certainly work with .NET APIs. We support Microsoft Dynamics connectivity and Acumatica. Our experience with .NET is from working over eight years with a hockey sports franchise, supporting a distributor in connecting their accounting system to their e-commerce, and migrating clients from earlier versions of MSSQL to the latest.


Many clients have been using a legacy application that resides on a local server in their office, we have been asked to figure out a way to move the application to the cloud to cut down on hardware costs. This is something we do everyday. Our cloud services experience is strong and we invite our clients to bring us their problems so we can find solutions.

We recently moved a client from a premise MSSQL solution to a cloud based MSSQL solution. The savings is over $40,000 per year for both the cost of support and yearly hardware cost.