Mobile Apps


Are you looking for a mobile app.  We develop mobile apps for both Apple iOS and Google Android using  Swift for iOS and Android Studio for Android.

Amazon Web Services – Mobile Hub

We like to use AWS Mobile Hub to generate a secure link to our user files.  The connectivity between services and applications is seamless.  We have recently completed projects integrating with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in which we create a ticket from a mobile application.

React Native

We have recently began developing our apps using React Native, which allows us to create apps faster for both iOS and Android natively.  React Native was created by Facebook for the purpose of making changes to mobile apps easier and in real time.  Mobile Apps don’t have to be compiled using React Native.

DC Web Tech can traverse web applications and mobile applications by using technologies that employ HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.  By doing so, applications that were developed on a browser based platform can now be moved easily to a mobile platform.