We started building e-commerce applications in 1998, using Adobe Coldfusion and many tools that are no longer in use.  Just like other technologies, e-commerce has grown over the past twenty years. There are platforms that allow for rapid development like BigCommerce and Shopify, and there are others like Magento and Custom frameworks that allow us to create workflows that might not be possible with canned packages.

The most important thing to remember building e-commerce stores is driving traffic.  Contracting with a company like DC Web Tech is building a relationship for the long term.  We learn your business and find ways to maximize your investment in an online store.

Our Process

We use a process that involves our project team that is called a Kick Off.

Introductions – getting to know one another, working as a team, becoming friends (5-10 mins)

Review the project teams – who’s responsible for what? (10 mins)

Approval process – the process and personnel for signing off deliverables? (10 mins)

Responsive Design (Mobile Ready)
Customized Web Contact Forms
Category Layout
Product Layout

Statement of Work Review – what are we doing, when, how, and what will we produce? (25 mins)

Reporting/Updates – how will we track and communicate project progress, and to whom? (3 mins)

Collaboration – what tools will we use to work together? (3 mins)

Assets – what do we need to get started? (15 mins)