Secure Cloud Applications

Cloud History

Cloud is a term that has been used in different ways over the last 10 years.  I remember working with companies that were offering software as a service (SaaS) models, users gain access to application software and databases.  The cloud providers manage the infrastructure and platforms while you can concentrate on your business.

While DC WebTech is not in the market for selling Saas or “on-demand” software, we develop applications that can be built and managed on a cloud platform.  We have been building web applications and mobile applications for several years with great success.

We have standardized on Amazon Web Services.  Amazon offers us the best services for rapidly developing applications with a wide array of technologies.  We are most excited building on AWS Lambda.

Secure Cloud Features

Extend other AWS services with custom logic

AWS Lambda is a serverless service that allows our developers to build applications without the use of a dedicated server.  Instead, we create functions and trigger those functions with our code.  This does not mean that we don’t use dedicated servers for our applications.  It means that we use services like AWS EC2 (Elastics Compute Cloud) to manage our web applications that run on a Linux or Windows platform.  EC2 is configured using virtual servers with the desired configuration.

Build custom back-end services

We can use AWS Lambda to create new back-end services for your applications that are triggered on-demand using the Lambda API or custom API endpoints built using Amazon API Gateway. Everything we build relies on one application interface that is consistent throughout all services.

DC Web Tech has the flexibility to use programming languages that we have used for years.  AWS Lambda supports Java, Node.js, C#, and Python.

Using Lambda along with AWS S3, AWS Cognito and AWS Mobile Hub we are able to build mobile apps easily and keep versioning consistent.

Integrated security model

Today, all companies are afraid of getting hacked and security is a major concern.  Amazon Web Services allows your code to securely access other AWS services through its built-in AWS SDK and integration with AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). AWS Lambda runs your code within a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) by default.

If you have a need for PCI or HIPPA compliance, we have the certifications that are needed to make your application compliant. Using AWS Lambda, we can offer compliance for SOCHIPAAPCIISO.