DC has built applications for over 20 years, our clients, and their needs, range in scale from start-ups to large corporations.

Our skills and experience in a wide variety of business make us an ideal tech company to work with.  We have a proven track record of managing teams and finding long-term, innovative solutions for our clients. It starts with understanding technology and being able to translate that technology for business leaders. This analytical expertise, combined with leadership, implementation and sales experience, make us a perfect company to partner with.

Applying a Strategic Approach to Technical and Business Development

  • Technology Research: Utilizing Amazon Web Services to enhance and develop strategic application product offerings.
  • Transformational Vision: We take business ideas and translate them into specific, achievable goals.
  • Change Management: Projects are handled through a combination of project management software, communicating and involving staff in changes.


Programming/Markup/Scripting Languages: PHP, JavaScript, XML, HTML, Python, Java, ASP.net, JavaScript, Swift, React Native

Databases: Oracle mySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DynamoDB

Development Tools: Bit Bucket(GitHub), Navicat SQL, WHM, Android Studio, Xcode, Eclipse

Software: Salesforce, Crystal Reports, Jira, Adobe Photoshop, Omni Graffle, Microsoft SharePoint, Balsamiq Wireframes, Microsoft Dynamics CRM with API

Integrating Solutions: SOAP, API, EDI, oAuth2.0, AWS SDK, AWS FB SDK, AWS Android SDK, AWS iOS SDK

Open Source: Magneto 1.x and 2.x, Drupal, WordPress, Elastic Search, Apache SOLR
e-commerce commercial – BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento Enterprise

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, Apple Mac OSX, Android, iOS,

Marketing Tools: Google Analytics, SEO Moz, Adobe Site Catalyst, Hub Spot

Retail:  Square, Rise Vision Signage, Revel POS, QuickBooks Integration